GraffitiSoup #37 – Art Attack

GraffitiSoup #37 – Art Attack


I cannot pretend to be an art connoisseur by any means. I had to use spellcheck to write connoisseur if that proves anything. But, nonetheless, I do love images that provoke feeling or encourage conversation or just make me lose the strength in my lower jaw and gaze catching the odd passing fly.


Here are some images that have made me feel something. It could have been amazed, inspired, shocked, sadness or even amused.


I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.


Cut & Paste – – Atlanta-based photographer/art director Stephen McMennamy likes to combine images, turning them into what he calls “combophotos”. His ability to join unrelated things is so effective you won’t be able to unsee his creations; everyday objects the same way again. Headphones will forever look like donuts to me now.


Odd one out – – Antoine Foulot and Raphael Theolade have created a bright, vibrant, innovative online digital art gallery showcasing work by a whole host of exciting talent.


Cheeky Chappie – – Donald Robertson‘s drawings and constructions cull from a deep understanding of color and fashion, as much as his cheeky sense of humour and sharp wit. A father of five, Robertson observes his youngest children’s negotiations with the world around them, citing this as inspiration for his art practice, while inviting us into his world by documenting these personal moments on his Instagram feed.


L’Enfant Terrible –  – Maurizio Cattelan personal art practice has led to him gaining somewhat of a reputation as an art scene’s joker. Cattelan is commonly noted for his use of taxidermy during the mid-1990’s. Cattelan’s art makes fun of various systems of order – be it social niceties or his regular digs at the art world – and he often utilises themes and motifs from art of the past and other cultural sectors in order to get his point across.


Unbreakable – – This is the work of Montreal based artist Laurent Craste. His series “Abuse” uses porcelain sculpture to give them impression of fierce violence against the delicate and fragile ornaments attempting destruction but finding only malleability and remaining whole. Very powerful, very thought-provoking and very beautiful.


For those of you that find looking at art hungry work here is my review of the “5 Of” best places to find pancakes this Shrove Tuesday.






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