GraffitiSoup #38 – Cash Is No Longer King

GraffitiSoup #38 – Cash Is No Longer King


When you consider your daily interactions with hard cash or pocket change I am sure that you, like me, have seen a rapid decline in the amount of physical currency that you see passing through your hands. The Oyster, Chip and Pin point of sale systems and mobile payments have all added to this cash-free new Digital world to such a degree that we could be heading toward a future where cash may only be used in the black market.


Here are a selection of articles that cover some interesting payments topics.


Jaguar and Shell launch world’s first in-car payment system –


With the ability to pay for your petrol without leaving the comfort of your heated, reclining, vibrating driver’s seat all that’s left to consider is who is going to put the petrol in the tank?



Visa opens a new fintech innovation centre in London –


Visa’s mission is to ensure that every Internet-connected device, appliance or wearable can become a secure place for commerce. A cashless future awaits.



The persistence of traditional payments among digital natives –


Are we wrong about Millenials payment habits? Is there still a place for cash?



Why Payment Companies Are Flocking To Messaging Apps –


TransferWise are using a Facebook Messenger Bot in the same way as the app, with the bot providing a lower-cost means for executing cross-border payments.



Amazon Payments nearly doubled transaction volume in 2016, added 10 million more customers –


The retailer said that over 33 million customers have now used Amazon Payments to make a purchase – a figure that’s up 10 million from the 23 million it had in April of last year.





For anyone that now feels that all this talk of payments makes them feel peckish please check out “5 Of – Vegan Delights”.


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