5 Of – The Cheshire Set

5 Of – The Cheshire Set

This week we went on a little road trip.

Great friends of ours have moved to Congleton in Cheshire so we took the opportunity to make a visit to the North of England.

We went out as a party of 8 (4 couples) and a short taxi ride got us to Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

We started the evening in the Alchemist in Alderley Edge. As far as cocktail bars go, this is nothing short of magical. The decor and interior lends itself to a classic members bar but the drinks menu says otherwise. With cocktails that include Drug Rummer and Lightbulb Moment (must have) the selections amaze, delight and most importantly, keep you coming back for more.

The next stage of the evening takes place in Piccolino’s a 5 minute walk from the Alchemist.

A lovely terrace bar area playing louder than acceptable music plays host to a vibrant, mature crowd that were up for a party.

I am going to be honest and make clear that this dinner was one that involved a certain amount of lubrication from all!

Once seated we were extremely well attended to by the waiting staff, who offered us the usual olives and bread options.

First course was cheese and garlic pizza bread for all in attendance. I am quite certain that this was enjoyed by all as there was no sign of it within 10 minutes.

The mains were brought along and included Pollo Milanese, Crab Ravioli (Granchio), Seafood Risotto and Steak. Personally I enjoyed the Pollo Milanese which was a generous portion and didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately one of my fellow diners had the Crab Ravioli which had a significant amount of shell in the ravioli parcels.

The meal was accompanied by copious amounts of wine. We chose to  go with a white wine, Ribolla Gialla, which was fruity, sweet, light and very, very drinkable!

The evening was finished by Tiramisu and more wine.

I like to think that my reviews are fairly informative and more importantly truthful. My truth is this, the food at Piccolino’s was reasonable, the atmosphere was excellent but the company was exceptional and that is what made this my favourite review to date and a night to remember.


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