GraffitiSoup 40 – Platform as a Service

GraffitiSoup 40 – Platform as a Service

The Internet of Things is a weird and wonderful place indeed.

One of the hot topics of 2017 is Platform as a Service (PaaS) which may seem vaguely familiar with its similarity to Software as a Service (SaaS).

In the last several years, technologies between the operating system and your application—the platform layer—have evolved and matured to make cloud computing easier.

Rather than downloading and building all of those platform-level technologies on each server instance, and then later having to repeat the process as you scale, you can go to a simple Web user interface, click a few options, and have your application automatically deployed to a fully provisioned cluster. As application usage grows, you can later add more capacity by clicking a few more buttons. As you need to set up increasingly sophisticated architectures such as high availability and disaster recovery, you can do this from the same Web interface. And as all the constituent platform components evolve along their own respective paths, they are updated for you, with no required effort on your part.

PaaS offers connected products a means to be standalone. You can utilise a providers platform to support your products that will allow for more focus on your product.

Here are some articles on the topic that may pique your interest.

How Do Machines Talk To Each Other? –

Ever feel like you are the least informed person in the room? Me too. This should go someway to making you feel a bit better now you know how machines talk to each other.

The Connected Industrial Worker: Achieving the Industrial Vision for the Internet of Things –

Our dystopian future of driverless cars, self-diagnosing machinery and 24/7 manufacturing is not quite here yet. How far will this new industrial revolution go?

IOT Platform Lands 24.8 Million Dollar Funding –

Whilst the well known companies have substantial financial backing, emerging comanies often rely on crowdfunding to grow their operations and expand services.

How Louisville became the first smart city on the IFTTT platform –

Air quality data for Louisville, Kentucky is now available on a new IFTTT channel that relays information to subscribers through text, email or even by changing the color of the user’s smart light bulb in their home.

Bosch Internet of Things Suite Now Available as Platform as a Service –

Cloud-enabled software package for developing applications in the Internet of Things. Bosch IoT Suite services available in the Bosch IoT Cloud. More than five million devices already connected via software platform.

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