5 Of – March Madness

5 Of – March Madness

January is a horrendous month, February is barely better although Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday soften the blow. March, phew, thank goodness for March. Let’s loosen the purse strings a little bit. Breathe. Live a little.

If this describes your 2017 then you are not alone. Before you set your sights on saving for next Christmas or considering how you are going to get your spending money for your summer break let’s live a little.

Here are a few exciting little bars that cater to your current situation, desperately in need of fun. These bars bring something different, clever, innovative settings and exciting, untasted cocktail combinations. Breathe. Live a lot.

The Alphabeta Bar | The Modern Pantry, 14 Finsbury Square, EC2A 1AH – http://www.themodernpantry.co.uk/finsbury/menus

Anything that Mr Lyan touches turns to gold and this is no different. For me, the leading mixologist in the London scene right now. His collaboration with the team at Finsbury Square is all about botanicals and fresh flavours and as per usual he doesn’t disappoint.

Piste Winter Bar – Archer Street Cocktail Bar – http://archerstreet.co.uk/our-bars/piste-winter-bar/

If you can’t escape to the slopes this spring why not indulge in the next best thing with Archer Street’s Winter Bar offering the best of Off-Piste drinking from the comfort of their West End location. This is a perfect opportunity to ease yourself back into drinking mode after the hibernation of January and February.

Pitch Black Pop-Up – http://pitchblackbar.com/bookings/

I have mentioned this pop-up previously as its popularity is immense. How better to enjoy the taste sensation of these cocktail geniuses than by complete darkness. Forget fumbling around in  the back row of a darkened cinema, how about stumbling around in this midnight bar sampling excellent cocktails. Date night must.

The Blind Pig – http://www.socialeatinghouse.com/?floor=bar – @blindasapig

From the Jason Atherton stable of bars and restaurants, the Blind Pig brings a vintage feel with reclaimed wood and antique ceilings but the cocktails are nothing short of new age. Difficult to see an end to Athertons domination of the London restaurant market and if this is anything to go by then the bar title could be his for the taking quite soon.

Disrepute Bar – http://www.disrepute.co.uk/

The lovechild of Barrio and Sovereign Loss this Kingly Street member bar has a cleverly curated cocktail menu that uses story telling as a backdrop for the combinations. With a 60’s influenced attitude and approach this isn’t an unattainable membership option for the likes of you and I so offers an alternative to the snooty usual suspects.

Please drink responsibly.


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