GraffitiSoup 41 – The Mindfulness Edition

GraffitiSoup 41 – The Mindfulness Edition

Sometimes the fast, frenetic, high-octane, always-on, never sleeps world that we now operate and operate in is just a little too much.

Being able to switch off is just as necessary as being able to respond to that Whatsapp in an instant or Googling your own name or taking that next most important selfie (this is sarcasm if you didn’t realise.)

Mindfulness is a means to bringing yourself back to the present moment, often my means of focusing on something simple such as breathing.

Here are a selection of articles that might help you on the path to enlightenment.

12 Mindfulness Hacks You Can Use in 24 Hours –

An introduction to mindfulness for those new to the practices.

Breaking Free From the Tyranny of Thought: Stop Feeding Your Mind and It Will Stop Biting You –

Can mindfulness help you defeat your inner demons?

Headspace version 2 and the mindfulness revolution –

This is the App that introduced me to the mindfulness movement and is offering the everyday person an opportunity to reap the rewards.

What Leaders Need to Know About Mindfulness – 

Calm under pressure, unflustered, thoughtful and measured are words that describe strong leaders that I have worked with. These are all traits that mindfulness develop and this article explains how you can practice and encourage them.

Present-Moment Awareness Buffers the Effects of Daily Stress – 

Stress, anxiety and worry affect the strongest among us but can a routine that includes encouraging self-awareness help release that burden?

For those that might have missed it, here is a link to last week’s “5 Of” – March Madness

Have a great week


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