5 Of – Your Morning Coffee Fix

5 Of – Your Morning Coffee Fix
Gold, oil, coffee. As long as there has been trade there has been coffee. There is good reason that coffee is one of the planet’s most traded commodities and if you are a real caffeine fiend you should look to pay a visit to one of these hotspots.

Queues around the block for this place. Just as popular with tourists as it is with the coffee hipsters. The selection of roasts and the experience is second to none.

Look mum no hands!


It is not actually a pre-requisite to wear lycra to be a customer here but it would probably help. Definitely a favourite with the Old Street Silicon Roundabout set this cycle friendly cafe is as welcoming to the ungentrified as it is to those with handlebar moustaches.

Old Spike Roastery


Speciality coffee house that gives homeless people an opportunity to train to become baristas. Peckham based business using the carefully selected beans to fund their training and housing charity efforts. Heartwarming in more ways than one. A steaming mug of love.

Taylor Street Baristas


Tucked away in a pedestrianised road close to the Royal Exchange and just off Old Broad Street this is not your usual City coffeehouse. Excellent service, skilled baristas and a selection of food options that all hit the spot.

Antipodean Coffee


The Antipodean Coffee company uses Indonesian beans to give a unique flavour that is well received by the customers, ex-pat and locals alike.

For those that want to take their addiction to the new level 6th to 9th April at the Old Truman Brewery the London Coffee Festival is on.




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