GraffitiSoup #42 – Technology Innovations within Sport

GraffitiSoup #42 – Technology Innovations within Sport

Technology and innovation have a huge impact on fields as diverse as industry and manufacturing, space travel, pharmaceuticals, banking and cosmetics but there is one industry where technology that can shave a second off your best time or make your team function 1% better can be the difference between a championship winning season and just making up the numbers, professional sport.

Sponsors, partners, performance analysts, data scientists, nutritionists, sports scientists and psychologists all pore over laptops trying to gain vital insights from the hundreds of data points that each of the elite sports provide with every performance and try to see the trend, the anomaly or the extrapolated answer to all of their problems.

Here are some of the ways that the elite sports community are using innovations in tech to gain the upper hand, pole position, leading place (you get the picture).

The Journey of F1 Tech Innovation –

Formula 1 is an industry where every contour of the car impacts the performance, there is not one component that hasn’t been thought about and engineered to maximise effectiveness. This article gives an insight into the intricacies of the world’s elite motorsport.

Innovative Tech Firms are Transforming Rugby Says Sale Sharks Boss –

Rugby has come on leaps and bounds since the game stepped into the professional ranks and they have been no slouches to embracing technological innovations to gain advantage.

Haykeye Innovations –

Cricket has long been an early adopter of technology to improve the game for both players and spectators alike and Hawkeye has revolutionised the game with their camera technology that has made game changing decisions infallible.

The Technology Behind the Tennis –

How has technology improved upon the classic game of tennis with all its etiquette and manners? Here’s how…

How Man City Use Football Tech Innovation –

Football has always been reluctant to embrace technology at the top level when it comes to decisions but the use of performance enhancing innovations via technology has a place at this table for many years to come.

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