GraffitiSoup #44 – Smart Cities, a Whole New Level of Connected 

​GraffitiSoup #44 – Smart Cities, a Whole New Level of Connected

Smart Cities where products and services are connected by technology that enables a smoother transport system or a more efficient use of power or even the common use of drones for logistical purposes, are just around the corner.

These articles explain how a Smart City could be brought into the here and now.

“How Big Data and the Internet of Things Create Smart Cities”

The need for meaningful insights could not be greater and the use of data and analytics will pave the way for Smart City technologies.

 “Ericsson, Bharti Infratel bag Smart City project” –

Ericsson have won the opportunity to deliver a sizeable Smart City project in India.

 “Smart IoT in Transportation and Logistics is the Key Tech to Improve Cities in Motion” –

Utilising existing technology innovations commonplace in the IoT space will enable Smart Cities to make use of tried and tested solutions.

 “16 Ways to Design a Better Intersection—And Better Cities” –

The question around smart technologies being used as part of a city wide solution to a real-life problem is simple. How can we make things better?

“How a New Town is Leading the Way in Becoming a Smart City”

Milton Keynes has long been considered ahead of the times with its grid based system and plethora of roundabouts to ease traffic congestion but what is next for this Smart City in the making.

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