GraffitiSoup #45 Are Careers A Thing Of The Past?

GraffitiSoup #45 Are Careers A Thing Of The Past?

Much has to be said of the way that our evolving world has influenced the need to consider a different approach to how we work, when we work and what we expect a “career” to look like.

Will your resume look more like a eBay sellers recommendation for assignments that you have carried out? Will it be a portfolio of your creative work? This all remains to be seen but there are definite changes in the way that a career path is determined and choosing to take on work that is interesting and rewarding will provide the variety and interest levels that enable you to flourish.

Here are some articles that I have read this week that embrace this changing working world.

The Next Generation of Jobs Won’t be Made Up of Professions

To prepare for the future, we need to shift from thinking about jobs and careers to thinking about challenges and problems.

The Secret to Mastering Your Time

What makes a task important or urgent and how understanding the difference will empower you to get more done.

Personal Branding in the Future Workplace is Crucial

We all know how social media and long lost CV’s can crop up and kick you in the teeth, but how important is your personal brand to you in your career?

Must Have Products for Your Office

If you have to spend X amount of hours a day parked at your desk you might as well adorn it with some beautiful accessories.

Use LinkedIn to Find Your Dream Job –

How can you use the world’s most popular networking site to find your dream role.

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