GraffitiSoup – Recruiting Tools

GraffitiSoup – Recruiting Tools

Recruiting is a tough gig, I know because it has been my main source of revenue for 16 nearly 17 years. Anything that can make your life easier should be welcomed with open arms so I have collated some of the tools that might shave time off your daily routine and give you the opportunity to do more, engage better and add more value to your candidates and customers.

Calendly –

Organise your diaries and send remote invites to those you wish to engage with. Make sure that you are organised based on your availability.

The Secret to Mastering Your Time –

Understanding the difference between importance versus urgency is a crucial skill, especially for those in recruitment.

HackerRank Expands to Mobile –

Hackerrank allows employers to rank candidates based on test scores conducted on the platform and make recruitment choices based on those scores.

Get More Work Done by Using Kanban –

How can Agile methods be used to compliment your recruitment? Kanban is a useful tool to see progression of multiple tasks and highlight any bottlenecks in the process.

Free Recruitment Tools –

A portfolio of tools that make the recruiters life easier whether it be around search and selection or utilising social media for sourcing untapped talent pools.

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