Food District – Pocket Guide – Canary Wharf

Food District – Pocket Guide – Canary Wharf

Mini tour guides to London’s food hotspots

Food District is brought to you by the same team that brings you “5 Of” but gives a snapshot of a geographical area and the food hotspots.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is the new financial hub of London with many international businesses setting down roots here since the early 90’s. This man made marvel is now starting to embrace the food culture that the rest of the Capital offers and these are a few of the best.

Giant Robot –

Relatively new to the dockside wind tunnel that is the Wharf, Giant Robot offers the streetfeast experience in the comfort of the finance district. A real experience.

Roka –

There is only one spot for brunch at the weekend and Roka is it. You will not be disappointed. The garlic prawns are my personal favourite.

Goodman –

This is a city steak institution and now they have a presence in the Wharf it will go from strength to strength. Twice truffle chips and lobster mac & cheese, divine.

I hope that this has offered you some guidance to the delights that the Wharf has to offer. Bon Appetit.


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