GraffitiSoup 48 – Gadgets and Gizmos

GraffitiSoup 48 – Gadgets and Gizmos

Sometimes it’s nice to be a big kid and take some time away from the seriousness of our everyday lives to play and what better way than to play than with toys.

When you are 18 and over the Lego castle in your room becomes slightly less socially acceptable so turn your eyes towards more “adult” playthings.

Here are some of the gadgets and gizmos that have caught my attention more recently (and not a fidget spinner in sight!)

PowerUp Paper Aeroplane Drone –

What if you could turn your childhood paper aeroplane into a drone that can be controlled by your smart device? Well you can with this ingenious invention from Powerup. You’re welcome

Google cardboard VR specs –

Not everyone can afford for the virtual reality greatness of the Oculus Rift so why not pick up the budget option to give you a taste of what the cool kids are into.

GoPro Hero5 Black –

GoPro are paving the way in wearable camera technology giving  high-octane sports enthusiasts and the every day joe a means to capture and share real time content. Groundbreaking.

Nintendo Switch –

Nintendo has created a handheld console that will allow them to get in and amongst the big guns again. Clever, yet simple design and the back catalogue to enable them to compete again.

Withins Steel HR –

This is high on my want list. This smart heart rate monitor allows you to partner with the mobile app to show performance activity, sleep analytics and your everyday call notifications. A lovely piece of kit and reasonably priced. One for the Xmas list.

I hope that this gets you thinking and be clear, toys are not just for kids.


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