GraffitiSoup #49 – It’s Not Rocket Science

GraffitiSoup #49 – It’s Not Rocket Science

For anyone that has ever worked in recruitment the mantra “it’s not rocket science” means that the skill involved in the search, selection and negotiation to progress a candidate through the process to offer and acceptance doesn’t require extensive use of the little grey cells in the same way that a space travel specialist would need to. I would disagree.

Recruitment throws up challenging scenarios for me daily. Experience, insight, use of the correct tooling and process adherence help me to do the job in the best, most ethical and most productive of ways.

Here are some articles that I have read that have offered some insight into the necessary evil that is recruitment.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact the Job Market? –

Will technological developments impact the job market in the way that many fear? Who is at most risk of losing their position?

How to Connect With Your Colleagues –

Emotional intelligence is a talent that can be improved upon by all, we are, after all a social animal. This is how you can connect with your colleagues to make the most of work relationships.

Lean Methods for Use in Talent Acquisition –

Lean practices can be utilised in recruitment to great effect. Not just for manufacturing. Huddle up.

First Class Candidate Onboarding –

There is no point toiling away to find the best talent in the market only to drop the ball as they join the business with tardy onboarding. These businesses acquire and retain the cream of the crop by taking onboarding very, very seriously.

Extreme Commuting – 


It is now not uncommon for employees to travel in excess of 2 hours each way to their places of employment as the trend in home working continues to grow. Give and take seem to be the key factor.


I hope that you enjoyed this week’s post.


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